2021 - 2022 School Year

Donation Fundraiser

Did you know we are working on our first fundraiser for the 2021-22 year?

It is also one of the simplest and most successful fundraisers around!

It involves no selling or delivery of any products! You simply input email addresses or cellphone numbers for your friends and family… let them know they may need to check their junk email folder and that’s it!

Each student has been challenged to reach out to 25 friends and family members!

This is a donation based fundraiser and will help us repair instruments that desperately need repair and purchase other equipment that is needed.

Any donations made to the Oak Grove Band are tax deductible!

2020 - 2021 School Year

Fall Fruit Sale

Materials for our annual fruit sale are coming home with students. This fundraiser is an important sale to us and will allow our program to continue growing and developing excellence in music here at Oak Grove.

This year’s sale will run from: Monday October 5th-Thursday October 22nd. 

We will be able to sell both on-line and via the order brochures and envelopes that will be given to your student! Our supporters will have an option of direct shipment to their home or a delivery to the school later in the fall.

Our website for online sales is: https://www.floridaindianrivergroves.com/ecommerce/382029

A Day Students will turn their envelopes and forms on Tuesday, October 20th in class.

B Day Students will turn their envelopes and forms on Thursday, October 22nd in class.

100% Remote Students will receive their materials according to instructions sent to them by the band directors and will be able to drop-off their orders and money at their school anytime between 8am and 3:30pm that Tuesday - Thursday (10/20-22).

Our goal is for each student to sell 5 items!

We have the following rewards in place for students:

Students that reach their goal will be treated to a donut day.

The top seller in each grade will receive a $15 gift card of their choice and the overall top seller will get a $25 gift card!!!!

I know we can knock this fundraiser out of the park. Good luck Grizzlies!!!!!!



2019 - 2020 School Year

Thank you to our Fundraising Committee for organizing the following fundraising events for the 2019/2020 school year:

Fun Pasta Sale

Fruit Sale

Dewey's Holiday Store

Butter Braids & Cookie Dough Sale


Fundraising News

Butter Braids & Cookie Dough Update

The butter braids and cookie dough delivery from our most recent fundraiser has been postponed for the time being, which means that our original pick-up date of Thursday, 3/26 has been postponed as well. Given the current circumstances of school closure, and to avoid any risk of breaking Davidson County Schools policy regarding COVID-19, the Band Boosters will be organizing a pick-up date when school is back in session. That new pick-up date will be communicated to you ASAP through Google Classroom email and Remind. If school closure is extended through the rest of the school year, we will be communicating a new plan through Google Classroom email and Remind.

Butter Braids & Cookie Dough Sale

Our final fundraiser for this year will be Butter Braids and Cookie Dough! We are fortunate that our band program is continuing to grow and with your support we are confident that we can raise the money needed to make our program successful for the benefit of our children, the school, and our community.

Keeping that in mind we would like to ask for 100% participation from our students with a goal of selling 5 or more items each.

Make checks payable to Oak Grove Band Boosters.

Important Dates:

February 28th - Fundraiser begins

March 12th - All order and money need to be turned in

March 26th - Butter braids and Cookie Dough will be delivered and will need to be picked up


Dewey's Store Product List

Deweys - Product List

Dewey's Store

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Time for our Dewey's Store to open!  We will be open from Saturday, November 16th through Christmas Eve from 11:00 am - 8:00 pm each day but Thanksgiving.

The Dewey's Store has become a great fundraiser for Oak Grove Bands but it can't be a success without your help.

Click on the link below to choose a volunteer spot when you can help out in the store.  If each band family could cover just one shift we would have the whole schedule covered!


We will also be offering a gift wrapping station for a donation on the weekends that we are asking students to man.  If your student can help out on one of these weekends, just have them sign up using this link:


Fruit Sale - Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who helped with our Fruit Sale!  Orders have been turned in and we will let you know as soon as we know our delivery date.

Our annual Fruit Sale will run from October 25th - November 12th.  Please share the brochure with friends and family.

Fruit Brochure

To order online:

1. Go to http://www.floridaindianrivergroves.com/

2. Select "Order Now"

3. Enter Organization ID: 382029

4. Select "Shop Now"

5. Choose Delivery Method

6. At Checkout: Select Seller (student you would like to get credit for your order)




Dewey's Store will open in mid-November through Christmas Eve.  Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities.


Wallburg Grill & Pizzeria Spirit Night on October 21st from 5:00 - 9:00 pm.  Oak Grove Bands get a percentage of sales on eat in or take out orders.