Oak Grove Band Boosters 

The Oak Grove Band Boosters is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the band programs at both OGMS and OGHS, to provide resources, and show our pride in the commitment and growth of these excellent programs.

Some may think that the opening of new schools comes with adequate funding for the band program, but that isn’t the case.  The County has provided monies to help with basics, but unlike other seasoned programs who have items such as instruments, music and gear accumulated over the years, our band program start-up needs are expensive and the County has also cut budgets to the program this year.

Did you know that it costs approximately $60,000 - $70,000 per year for the band program?  County funding doesn’t provide enough to cover costs so the Band Boosters fill in the gaps to provide the items needed to see the vision of this excellent program continue to grow.  With over 400 students participating in both middle and high school bands, we are poised to be one of the most competitive programs in the County and see no signs of slowing down in years ahead.  We need your help!  How?

  • Join us each month at our Booster meetings held at OGHS to hear important updates, share ideas, and get plugged in.
  • Join the BAND App to receive messages about band class happenings, marching band happenings as well as Booster events
    • Simply follow this link to be added - https://band.us/n/aaa352na94n87
    • Like our Facebook page to stay up to date.
    • Participate in the fundraising activities! It is our desire to have few fundraisers and therefore we need 100% participation to raise the needed funds.  Many hands make light work and provide much money!
    • Ask questions, encourage your student’s musical abilities, be excited about the program, and come out to sit with other band parents at the events! Let’s have some fun!


2021/2022 Oak Grove Band Boosters Officers

President - D Martin

Vice President - Joe Rose

Treasurer - Tonya Tanner-Cecil

Secretary/Communications - Wendy Ellington

Fundraising Chair - Brooke Hamby