Dewey’s Store Coverage

Students, Parents and Supporters of the OG Bands,

As all of you hopefully know, we are currently running our annual Dewey’s Holiday Bakery Store in the Food Lion shopping center located at the corner of Hickory Tree Rd. and Peters Creek Parkway (NC 150).

This is probably the best fundraiser we have throughout the year to raise funds for our band program at both the middle and high schools.

I am sending this URGENT PLEA to ask for your help in staffing our store!

To be honest, this is the FIRST year in the history of our store that we have had (or will have) MULTIPLE SHIFTS UNSTAFFED resulting in the store having to close or not be opened!

I cannot do more than BEG again for you to volunteer for this incredibly easy job. PLEASE sign-up for a shift. There is a quick training video you could watch and then you’d be good to go.

ANYONE 18 and older can do this! Parents, Relatives, Friends, Neighbors, etc. can work to make this happen for our band students at OG.

As of right now, we have had two days in a row that the store has not been open due to uncovered shifts, we have no coverage tomorrow afternoon and there are many vacant spots in the next few days!

Here is the link again to the Sign-up Genius. PLEASE HELP!!!

Mike Howel