It’s Fruit Sale Time!

It’s that time of year again – Oak Grove Bands Fruit Sale time! Information has gone home with all high school and middle school band students. This fundraiser is an important sale to us and will allow our program to continue growing and developing excellence in music here at Oak Grove.

This year’s sale will run from: Tuesday, October 12th - Monday, November 8th. 

We will be able to sell both on-line and via the order brochures and envelopes that will be given to your student! Our supporters will have an option of direct shipment to their home or a delivery to the school later in the fall.

Our website for online sales is:

Our goal is for each student to sell 5 items!

We have the following rewards in place for students:

Students that reach their goal will be treated to a donut day.

The top seller in each grade will receive a $25 gift card of their choice and the overall top seller will get a $100 gift card!!!!

We also want to give students the opportunity to earn money towards their student band accounts and fees. We know while the fee amount for the Oak Grove Bands is one of the cheapest around, it is still a large amount of money.

Funds earned from our fundraising efforts go towards the purchase of music, instruments, chairs, stands, instrument

repair, uniforms, props, supplemental staff pay, middle school band books, etc.

How this will work:

A student must sell over the minimum goal amount of 5 items to start earning towards their fees; however their ability to earn fees beyond item 5 is endless.

A student will earn 50% of the profits of each item sold over 5. Therefore, items 6-infinity sold will give a student 50% back into their band account towards band fees.

**If a student still has a band fee balance at the conclusion of the sale AND they are one of the top earners, the monetary amount of their earned reward will also be applied to their remaining fee balance**

I know we can knock this fundraiser out of the park. Good luck Grizzlies!!!!!!


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