Google Classroom Codes

March 16, 2020

Students and Parents:

Here are the class codes for our Google Classrooms. Students are to join the class as soon as possible. Spread the word for those that may not be on the REMIND app or check their email!

Don’t forget to come to school tomorrow to get instruments/music if needed. Specific instructions were sent earlier today, especially for those that play school-owned instruments.

Wind Ensemble members are reminded to bring their course registration papers for next school year to me tomorrow when they come to get instruments but should just hang on to them if instruments are already at home.

Go to Google, click the icon with the upper right to access Google Classroom. Enter the following code to join the appropriate class:

3rd Period
WIND ENSEMBLE (Intermediate): prsdy5a

3rd Period
WIND ENSEMBLE (Proficient): q4ro7yv

4th Period
CONCERT BAND (Intermediate): rhqxntb

4th Period CONCERT BAND (Proficient): hdpd2xg


Mike Howell